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Never Doubt Your Antenna Alignment Again

The mission is clear - aim that antenna at the customer! Providing excellent communications services can be an elusive goal. The forces of Mother Nature, your competition, and ever-changing RF conditions are aligned against you. Sunsight Instruments designs, develops and delivers products that ensure your direction. Your customers are calling! Are your antennas aligned with your service goals?

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It happens when you least expect it and can go undetected for
years. Learn how antenna misalignment leads directly to lost revenue, poor service, and churn in the marketplace.
Troubleshooting RF Coverage
Learn how current troubleshooting methods often result in a vicious cycle that expends a great deal of resources with hit or miss results.
Sunsight Instruments
Whether it's initial installation or daily readings, Sunsight Instruments helps you to truly realize the potential of your network by maximizing efficiency and reducing your maintenance costs.